Prism Gravure Printers

Specialized Printers of Packaging Material for Pharmaceutical, Food & Other Industry.

Prism Gravure Printers

Prism Gravure Printers is a specialized printer & solutions provider in printing and packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to satisfy our clients through developing an understanding of their needs and requirements and providing them an excellent customer service with reduced lead times through reliability in our practices. 
At Prism, we pride ourselves in the quality supplied to our clients through our goods and services. We prioritize delivering high quality products to our clients and hence creating value relationship. Our goal is to create value through implementing lean production practices that result in a higher quality output and greatly reduced lead times. 
Prism Gravure Printers is a private partnership firm which was established in 2002. We aim to provide Gravure Printing and Packaging services of the highest quality for Pharmaceutical industries. We specialize in gravure printing on many types of pharmaceutical packaging material including strip packaging, blister packaging, BOPP & OPP Film Printing, Paper Foil (Triplex) Printing, Poly-coated Paper Printing and paper packaging. We also import, market and supply the highest quality of Aluminum Blister foil and Paper foil as per the industry standards. 
Currently, we are proudly working with the top pharmaceuticals in Pakistan such as Getz Pharma (Private) Limited, Herbion Pakistan (Private) Limited, High-Q Pharmaceuticals, ICI Pakistan, Martin Dow Limited, Macter International, Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited, Nabiqasim Industries (Private) Limited, OBS Pakistan (Private) Limited, Pharmevo (Private) Limited, Plastipack Machines (Private) Ltd, Ray Pharma (Private) Limited, Scilife Pharma (Private) Ltd, Tabros Pharma (Private) Ltd and The SEARLE Company Limited amongst many others.

Tags: Rotogravure Printing, Paper Printing, Paper Foil (Triplex Paper), Poly-coated Paper Printing, Aluminium Blister Foil & Strip Foil Printing, BOPP OPP Film Printing, Shrink Wrap Printing, and Rotary Slitting,

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Danial Anwar
Plot # B-136/137, Sector 6-F, Mehran Town, Korangi, Karachi-74900, Pakistan
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